We shall drive High volume of Targeted Visitors to your website who could be converted into Potential Customers with our Social Media Promotional Strategies & Techniques.  


Till now we have worked on more than 1,000 Social Media Marketing Projects of various different categories and been a One Point Solution to all our clients from Creating a Brand Image to Driving High Volume of Potential Targeted Customers. 



We shall analyse the Product or Service you Promote and choose the appropriate Social Networks to build a huge network to promote your Business. 

According to the Service you offer, we shall define the type of Targeted Customers and start adding the targeted customers as Friends to build a huge network. So, we shall create a huge network of people interested in your services to start Branding your Service.


After building a huge network of people interested in your services, we shall introduce your Service to all the added targeted customers with our Promotional Strategies & Techniques.

Due to the vigorous viral promotion in social networks, your website will get high volume of targeted traffic who could be converted into Potential Customers. Also, due to the promotion done in social networks, your website will gain quick exposure in the online community through “Word of Mouth” and people will speak about your Product/Service which lead to improve the “Direct Traffic” to your website.


Once your Service has gained good Branding Image, we shall start promoting the Services with our Promotional Strategies & Techniques to generate high volume of targeted Leads who could be converted into Potential Customers.

 With the consistent Website Promotion in Social Networks, your website will increase the rate of Targeted Traffic through both Social Networks and Direct Traffic (word of mouth) which lead to generate more exposure and Leads.  

Paid services offered for free of cost : For you to have the best experience with us and also for you to have the maximum benefits from us, so as symbol of long term relationship along with SEO and SMO , we are also offering you  some paid services for free of cost and they are …  

1.Many Paid Services for Free of Cost which will be charged by other SEO companies and freelancers such as

– Performing SEO audit / website analysis of the website 

– Updating the on-page factors in the website

– Website bug fixing i.e. minor coding bugs, w3c validation etc

– Google Analytics Setup

– Creating Web 2.0 Pages

– Google Map Creation

If you calculate all the money charged by other SEO companies and freelancers for the offered Free Benefits, it will cost you a minimum of 5300 INR to 6400 INR per month. But, to maintain a long term relationship with you, i’m offering all such things for free of cost. 

2. We shall perform Link Building apart from the Social Media Optimization to get your website gain some exposure in Search Engines too. This means, we shall build 200 links optimizing your website targeting your chosen competitive keywords from Genuine Sources like Articles, Forums, Blogs etc which cost more han 5300 INR per month for free of cost to you.

Project Updates :

A Dedicated Project Manager shall be allotted for your Communication and Project Updates. He shall send you the Work done Reports on a Weekly basis and Consolidated Work Done Report on a Monthly Basis for your reference

Project Cost :  Call Us For Price 09826183939